3 Reasons Why You’re In A Wellness Rut.

If you’re feeling stuck, underwhelmed, or lackluster about your fitness progress, you are not alone. 

We’ve all been there. You start by amping yourself up again to get serious about your health. You stock up on veggies to do a juice cleanse, sign up for back-to-back workouts, and unfollow your local doughnut shop on Instagram until further notice. You’re convinced this time around you’ll finally achieve those long desired goals and reach your pinnacle of health. 

 Initially, you see some results…a little flatter around the belly and a few pounds lighter on the scale. Then, something causes your wheels to slow down. You lose some of that motivational spark here and there. And before you know it, you’ve arrived at Plateauville.

I totally understand how frustrating it feels to put continued effort towards your goals and not see the desired results you deserve. I want to empower you with the awareness and knowledge to turn your health around FOR GOOD, because there is definitely a better way, friend!

These three mindset shifts are likely holding you back from experiencing sustainable progress with your exercise, nutrition, and self-care goals. 

One size doesn’t fit all.

When it comes to exercise, you’re taking that cookie cutter approach. What you must realize is that arbitrary workouts you find on random fitness apps, a Youtube channel, or group fitness classes at your gym aren’t designed for your body, goals, or lifestyle. 


These classes are made for the masses, which often means high intensity plyometrics (also known as jumping around) to guarantee everyone sweats and feels like their butts were kicked. Never mind getting your form right to ensure you’re working the correct muscles and you don’t injure yourself. 


And while group fitness can be an excellent supplement to your training program, it lacks the specificity, consistency, and structure necessary for your success. It’s important you select your workout type, exercises, rep schemes, and weight load with intention so your body has the fair opportunity to adapt for the goals you’re after. 


You’re building your (nutritional) house on sand.

We are constantly gaining more and more data on nutrition from science and research – yay! While there is always something new to learn about the relationship between our bodies and food, there are some non negotiables we know to be true and help us to be healthy. 


From eating more protein, getting your veggies in and drinking enough water, these are basic fundamentals that most people simply don’t dedicate to improving. It feels easier to jump on the latest diet where all you have to do is force yourself to get strict, follow some rules, and deprive entire food groups than it is doing the actual work of building a solid foundation for nutrition. 


If you don’t understand how nutrients work for your body, how to qualify food, and how to mindfully eat on your own, it won’t matter what diet you try – you’ll circle back to the same struggles you started with because you have not mastered the essentials of what it means to look, feel, and perform your best.

You haven’t let your roots grow out.

One of the most fulfilling parts of the work that I do is witnessing life-changing client breakthroughs. Through our coaching conversations, I help clients peel back the layers of their history, their inner critic, and the narratives they’ve been telling themselves about what it means to be healthy, beautiful and to feel worthy. 


This might sound a little gooey, but it would be foolish to deny what a crucial role unearthing deep rooted mindsets play in your progress towards becoming your best self. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and to go into those not-so comfortable zones, you actually become incredibly courageous. In a sense, you’re allowing those roots to grow out. 


And with courage, you cultivate confidence from within. Most people think feeling better about themselves happens once you finally drop your jean size or start seeing lines on your abs. That good feeling you’re after was born long before. When you position yourself to surrender and release from what doesn’t serve you, you stop fighting yourself and allow the real magic to happen! 


The next time you find yourself in a rut, check in to see if any of these mindsets are showing up in your life. Through this awareness, you’re already taking back power to steer yourself back on the path towards feeling vibrant, strong, and finding true peace of mind, and there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than that! 


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