How to Design Your Workout for Full Body Burn

Carving out gym time is hard enough. Once you muster up the courage to just get yourself there, the last thing you want is to waste time contemplating which exercises to do. 

Instead of last minute scrolling on Instagram to find a random workout that may or may not work for you or copying your boyfriend’s routine, what if you could learn how to design your own workout built for your unique goals? 

If you’re ready to maximize your sweat sessions with a workout plan that will give you a full body burn, accelerate fat loss, and get you strong then keeping reading, friend! 

These four essential movements help you create a balanced and versatile workout that will activate your entire body. Each exercise integrated=s multiple muscle groups, as opposed to time-consuming isolation work, so you are guaranteed a metabolic challenge and your heart rate will start pumping in no time. Let’s get into them!

1) Pull

Row, row, row your boat! Horizontal rows, pull ups, and deadlifts are all welcome. Pulling actions in any and all directions fire up your posterior chain and larger back muscles. This means you get a bigger bang for every pulling exercise you incorporate. These exercises also correct posture, relieve joint pain, and serve as a foundation for all strength training

2) Push

Exercises such as planks, chest press, handstands, and squats all require your body to push. It’s important to have a balance between pushing and pulling to round out your workout routine, evenly strengthen all muscles, and prevent injury from muscle overuse. 

3) Rotation

You’re probably familiar with some pulling and pushing moves, but what most people forget about is the importance of rotating your body. Experiment by adding an upper body twist to your walking lunges, try some diagonal cable chops, or play with some Animal Flow moves for added rotation. These three-dimensional movements stabilize and strengthen your core, enhance your balance, and help to relieve body imbalances that can cause chronic discomfort in the shoulders, back, and ankles. 

4) Lateral 

How often everyday do you move sideways? …*Crickets*… I’m guessing rarely, right? And that’s exactly why moving laterally (to the left and to the right) is the perfect opportunity for you to challenge your body with less familiar, some may even say, awkward movements! If you want to be strong, lean, AND an athletic bada$$, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this type of movement. Try a side traveling squat, alternating skaters, or lateral shoulder raises with a pair of dumbbells. Your body actually needs to be exposed to inordinary movements in order to function optimally in daily activities. 

When you proactively plan your workouts based on your goals, you set yourself up for success with more accountability, you increase consistency with your exercise routine, plus you gain far better results that will stick! These four movement patterns get you moving in all planes, bulletproof your body from injury, and certainly keep things interesting!

Which movements will YOU add to your next training? 

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