Month: August 2020

My Fitness Faux Pas

It’s easy to assume health and wellness comes “easy” to us fitness professionals when you’re usually only seeing the sliver of highlight reels. But let’s get real here. Reaching any level of excellence and high performance requires commitment, self-awareness, and plenty of growth!  My journey to becoming the Health Coach and Nutritional Strategist that I …

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Why Artificial Sweeteners Aren’t Freebies. For so many years, the standard American diet strategy to lose weight, burn fat, and improve overall health could be boiled down to eliminating sugars at all costs.    The food industry recognized we were in trouble with rising obesity and metabolic disease rates, so highly processed diet alternatives were produced to trick us …

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Clean Eating Just Got Easier!

Learn how to choose the best foods for weight loss, higher energy, and vitality with my Grocery List Guide that will save you time, empty calories, and set you and your family up for a week of healthy meals!