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Ruby Sol is a wellness sanctuary created to enlighten YOU with the essential knowledge, tools, and resources to build the healthier and happier way of life you deserve. I design training programs, nutritional coaching, custom cooking classes, and homemade cakes to help you embrace radiance, wonder, and magic in your life. I invite you to join me in an exciting journey towards your highest self yet. Are you ready? An open heart, mind, and mouth are the only ingredients required. 

Indulge Your Ruby Sol

Banish your chalky protein bars and diet cookies with our freshly baked Treasure Cakes specially curated for your nourishment. Bejeweled with royal ingredients, each recipe is enriched with quality protein, energizing fat, and satisfying fiber. Fill up with love, high vibes, and vibrant vitality with a monthly cake subscription. If each silky flavor doesn’t luxuriously melt in your mouth, send it back.

We are devoted to serve the BEST to our loyal community!

"Ridiculously delicious. I love that it’s packed with ingredients high in nutrients and superfoods that my body will love!"
"Most satisfying, delicious, nourishing food for the soul."

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